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I love helping people and since 1989 real estate has been the perfect avenue to help thousands of wonderful people.  My business success has been founded on doing everything possible to ensure my clients succeed.  

As an experienced agent one of my greatest assets is my exceptional network of people, the support system, team and community connections.  

When you want to sell your home, I have the most dynamic and powerful marketing system available.  I combine my online and social media marketing with proven old school techniques.  These are the same things I have taught and shared with thousands of other agents to help improve their businesses.

As one of the all time top selling agents in Vancouver real estate history, I have received most of the elite industry awards but those are just a icing on the cake.  Everything I do and have created is to help you realize your goals and to make the process, as smooth and simple as possible.  

Above all else, I have learned that honesty and openness is synonymous with integrity.  If you want a full look at my journey through real estate you might find the following interesting.

History of Kevin Lynch in Business

Kevin Lynch...    27 of year of success in real estate.   I started my career with a little boutique company called Mitten Realty.  Chuck Mitten and George Whyre were the broker and owners and mentored me.   I found business was not easy to get started with.   When I started, I had no idea of what to do and looking back, I am surprised by the lack of training that was offered.

Trial and error was the name of the game.  

In my first year, I earned enough to get by with 8 or 9 sales.  Back then, my average sale price was roughly $250,000 and my commissions per sale were between $3,000 to $5,000.  My second year I sold 13 ish homes and started to pick up momentum using my new business approach called 'farm marketing' which was about focusing on an area.  

I changed companies in my second year, and learned from some of the bigger agents there.  I was doing fine but not really picking up momentum until I read a book that would change my direction very quickly.  Once I started applying the principles of this book on 'farm marketing' 

As I started getting business, I was thrilled that what I learned in one book could make such an impact in my life and business.  So I became dedicated to continuous learning.  I read business books, listed to audio tapes and attended seminars from highly successful people.  My business growth started to expand rapidly as in my 5th year, I broke a barrier and jumped into the top 10% of agents doing over 24 sales.  

in 1995, I have now been with Sutton Group for roughly 5 years and had become their top selling agent.  Remax had bought out Crest Realty and was in aggressive growth phase.  They started their head hunting of top agents and I was becoming curious as I wanted to learn to to expand.  They promised exceptional training [which they never delivered], so I made the switch.  

At this point I loved my business, I will fully excited and passionate and high driven.  I had goals to be number one in the North Vancouver and felt there was a lot of gaps in most the other agents businesses that would allow me to thrive.  

I was getting business, and working harder than ever in my life.  But there were cracks in my business.  I was working in the business and not enough on the business.  I had learned some amazing 'tactics' for my business, but I had not merged the tactics and concepts into a cohesive strategy that would all for profitability.

The biggest issue was that in my voracious search for higher levels of success, I was over spending.  I had no budget and a terrible belief that I just need to make more money.  "You have to spend money to make money"  was a saying my wife started to hate to hear from me.  

Even thought by year 10 I was selling 46 homes and had become the top 4 agents in North Vancouver, Kevin Lynch was in deep trouble due to terrible financial mismanagement. 

My heart was broken, but I couldn't see any other alternative.  So I shocked the industry and quit while at the top of my game.  This was the first time I had quit at anything in my life.  I felt like a complete failure.  

I tried a handful of different business ventures and partnerships that did not land and quickly learned that the skills and talents I had in real estate, were not very transferable into the work force, and certainly not at the same income level I desired and become accustomed too.  

After a few years out of the business I realized I needed to get back to selling real estate and would have to adjust how I operated.

Since then I have been selling real estate and head hunted by some of the top firms to lead their companies, to train their agents and grow their businesses.  Once again, I thrived through the passion of helping people realize their goals and dreams.  

However, after 4 years of helping others build their businesses, it became apparent their plans were not to include me in their success, so I have decided to focus on selling once again.  

Now I am enjoying all the lessons and wisdom I have gained through great leaders, mentors and the school of hard knocks and ready to dominate again.  This time, with a great business plan and economic model.

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