Has The Squamish Townhouse Market Seen Its Peak?

Below are some market graphs showing and up to date and historic report of Squamish Townhouses.  

The graphs are all interactive where you can hover over every point to see the specific numbers. 

 In the first graph, you will find a 13 year history of the average Squamish Townhouse sales prices.  As you can see clearly prices have soared [just like your local Squamish eagles] to their all time highest prices this year.  In August, the average price 2 bedroom townhouse is $624,000; 3 bedrooms were $673,000; in July 2018 4+ bedroom townhouses average sale price were $810,000.

The second graphs shows inventory levels [supply and demand will always be relative to the market direction].  Inventory levels have been lower than average.  Once reason to consider selling right now.

The third graph [below] showcases the volume of sales each month.  You can see the bright green lines show that there are more sales in three bedroom townhouses than 2 bedrooms and 4 bedroom or larger ones.  

In this final graph, it shows the sale to active listing ration.  17% to 22% is a good balanced market; over 22% is a very strong seller's market.  As you can see, the three bedroom townhouses are generally the strongest sellers and have a sales to active listing ratio [in August] at 22%.  It is important to note that is down from July's ratio of 43% and down from May 2018 of 92%.  The market is softening.