A Real Estate 'Black Friday' Frenzy

Realtor Kevin Lynch on Vancouver real estate

The real estate market has been building momentum over the past eight months and we are currently seeing serious buying panic levels.  In February (to date) there have already been over 779 detached homes that have sold over their asking price.   The market with the highest percentage of homes selling over the asking prices are New Westminster, 83.3%, Langley 82.7%, North Delta 82.1% and Port Coquitlam at 81.5%.  

These are staggering statistics.  

Even the worst detached home market, Richmond is still registering over 23% of their sales going above the asking prices. 

The areas with the highest volume of sales are Surrey and South Surrey/White Rock, Chilliwack, Maple Ridge, Langley, Richmond and East Vancouver.

If you are considering selling your home, be sure to cash in now.  But don't miss the important strategy to ensure you get the most money.  I'm happy to share insights on how to do this the right way.  

Kevin Lynch
B & L Real Estate Group

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