Top 8 Things To Look For When Joining (or Hiring) a Real Estate Team

Most real estate agents are looking for a better way to operate their business.  They are constantly faced with new challenges including how to create a consistent pipeline of new business.  Our experience has shown that agents that want to thrive will need to leverage off all the daily and per listing and sale tasks that are so time consuming so they can focus on the most important tasks (Marketing and Lead Generation).

In this report, we share all the potential challenge areas and the solutions that help real estate agents to thrive.


Does the team you are considering have a vision that includes your personal vision?  

A great vision should include where they want to go, how they will get their and the impact they intend to have on the market, their customers and team.  


How can their systems make you better and increase your sales while making you more efficient?

Systems are not the front end of the business, and part of the operations but great systems allow for consistency, productivity and allow everyone to operate at their capacity.


Does the team have a clear process for how they operate in all areas of their business? 

This includes all areas of marketing, lead generation and follow up, customer and client communication, listing processes and checklists, Buyer checklists and processes, Closing procedures, and post sale programs. 


Does the core leadership give you confidence they can execute on their vision for the team and give you time and energy required to help you become your best version of yourself?

Most companies and teams you meet will be at different stages of growth and development.  The key to great leadership is the understanding of what is needed along the journey and the openness to be real with your team.  Leaders show up, own their success and failures, are adaptable and flexible when needed and most importantly, help others thrive through their wisdom.  


Does the team have a positive energy and culture designed to help you grow and thrive?

Don't underestimate the power of a great environment.  It's the thing that turns a job into a career and ensures you not only thrive but also love what you do.


Do they have the use of a CRM that will allow for constant, continuous and timely communications? 

Most CRMs on the market do not have target specific communication elements.  A top level CRM can communicate across all your mediums and helps identify clients that are active and ready to buy or sell.


Does the team give you leverage that allows you to focus on the most important things?  

You should look to a team/company that gives you the advantage of high level focus.  Not only should this be the mindset of everyone at the company and the leadership team, but everything that happens should allow for you to focus on the highest paying tasks on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.


Does their marketing deliver a consistent message in line with their vision and amplify the sales process?

Marketing is critical to the success of the team and to every agent on the team.  You should ensure the marketing solutions builds strong brand awareness and recognition.  This should also allow for you to thrive, be a valued asset that builds your value over time and increases the quality and volume of your leads.

If you are looking to join a great team and organization, these questions should help you move forward with confidence.  

We are now in Growth stage and B & L and would be honoured to share our story and success with you. 

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