5 Reasons To Buy New Construction

5 Reasons to Buy A New Construction Home

Buying a brand new house has got to be more expensive than buying a pre-owned home right? Not so fast. Here are my top 5 reasons why you should consider new construction… 

#1 - Custom Design

As a Realtor, I show a lot of homes to potential buyers. Even when the buyer absolutely loves the home, there’s always something they would change. They may not like the color of the carpet, backsplash, or walls. When you build a new home, you can build it the way that you want it, which makes it one of the most attractive reasons to buy a new home. 

#2 - Home Warranties

When you buy a pre-owned home, things tend to break down because the home is older. But When you buy a newly built home, not only is everything brand new, it’s all under warranty. So you have peace of mind and low maintenance fees. 

#3 - Community Amenities

Most new home communities have lots of amenities to offer. They include everything from Tot Lots, to playgrounds, and pools. New homes also tend to include Homeowners Associations (HOA’s) — And although some of these associations come at a monthly fee, you can ensure that your community stays beautiful for years to come and that your home’s value stays on the rise. 

#4 - More Inventory

We are experiencing a severe shortage of homes right now. People are living longer and move-down buyers are opting for aging-in-place solutions instead of downgrades. This means that millennials and first-time home buyers have fewer choices when it comes to buying a home. 

Buying a new home in Vancouver and the North Shore offers a viable solution to our housing problem — Especially because we have lots of development, higher density and prime land  and locations to build  or buy that dream home.

#5 - New Home Feel

One of the most attractive features of buying a new home is that it’s yours, and only yours. No one else has lived there before you, cooked on your stove, or slept in your bedroom. Understandably, that new home feel appeals to a lot of people. Now, here’s the thing…  The new construction sales rep may tell you that you don’t need a Realtor® to buy a new home, but that’s not in your best interest. This is because they represent the builder, not the buyer. You need someone to represent YOU.  

A great real estate agent can guide you through the entire process - everything from contract, to construction, to final walkthrough, to close. And if anything goes array, your agent should be right there by your side to make sure that your interests are protected.