11 Tips For A Happy Life - Who Knew Life Could Be So Amazing and So Simple!

I've learned from many amazing mentors over the decades.  These tips are a culmination of lessons learned from some very wise people (like Dr. Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, Depak Chopra and many more).  Their great wisdom has helped me through some huge challenges and helped me learn and see essential things for a joyful, happy and passionate life.

My suggestion would be to adopt at least one of these into your daily habits and watch what happens.  

1. Watch funny shows and comedy specials (laughter is very healthy).
Laughter is amazing for healing and making you feel good.  Years back I learned to use this and start by laughing in the mirror (thanks Tony Robbins).  It was so weird, but the more I laughed and watched myself laugh, the funnier it got until I was in a laughter loop.  When done, I continued to laugh at myself on this for months and in the moment, all I felt was alive and happy.  

2. Meditation is the most powerful thing in my life.
There are many forms and styles of meditation.  The most powerful of all for me is that of complete silence in the mind.  Once you get there, a whole new world of joy, light and purpose appears.  The answer to all my questions comes to me through this process.

For many this one seems hard and it could take some time to figure this out.  The trick for me at the beginning of my medication journey was to allow the thoughts to pass through my mind.  Let them flow without any energy on the thoughts.  

If that fails start with Ohhhmmm, say it out loud in a constant loop and just focus on the sounds and your breathing.  Another technique to find silence is where you close your eyes, sit in a relaxed position and count to 10 over and over or to 100.  

Don't worry if you don't get there right away.  It's like a muscle and takes some work to train it.  Once you get there, you now have a life long tool that you can use every day, once a week or at your will.

3. Daily Gratitude (when you feel thankful it's hard for negative thoughts to creep in).
Doing this in the morning is one form of meditation for me.  The idea is to really 'feel' the emotions of each thing you are grateful for.  Really think it through and go into deep detail in your mind.  If you find it hard to get started, simple say thank you out loud 20 times and as you say it the great things will come to your mind. 

Powerful and simple.  These feelings can last for days after each session (5-10 minutes).

4. Love (fall in love every day...  it's been said that "Love makes the world go around.")
You've likely heard the saying "Love makes the world go around".  Love is powerful by all accounts.  

Try using it by really thinking about the people, animals or things you LOVE.  Go deep into the emotion of it and you'll realize how this ties into to gratitude.  Remember when you first started dating, or when your children were born, or how much your parents and family mean to you and how they have always been there for you.  

Again, the trick is not just to think it, instead FEEL IT!

5.  Exercise (I missed this through Covid and regret not keep this as my focus).
Good rigorous exercise helps keep all the systems operating and makes you feel great.  Exercise every day for healthy mind, body and soul.

6.  Passion (if you are so enthusiastic about your job or business, you'll never work a day in your life.  Focus on what drives you!)

I heard a saying "How you show up here is how you show up everywhere."  And it's true.  You don't need the perfect job, all the money in the world or to live like the rich and famous.  Instead, if you embraced all your time focused and being your best version of yourself; helping others, connecting in the community, making others laugh or brightening their day you could live in passion anywhere.

This does include your work.  Be passionate there too.  Be all in and give all you have got.  Most people 'phone it in' but there is a better way.  

The best way to put this is that we all have amazing inside of us.  Choose to BE Spectacular.

7.  Community (surround yourself with people you like, and that want the best for you.)
It's easier than ever to put yourself out there and connect with people.  Find a hobby or two you like.  You can connect with others on social media that love it too.  You'll see how easy it is to make friends and feel deeply connected when you have common interests.  

My three most recent ones include football, karaoke and connecting with people over fun events in my area.

8.  Eat well (my new lifestyle of eating has helped me feel amazing, heal fast from my surgery, lose 35 pounds and get back to good health).  If you or anyone you care about is looking for a SUPER healthy lifestyle change I'm always happy to talk).  Drink more water, eat more greens and natural whole foods and limit consumption of sugar and salt.  My new lifestyle diet is well documented to reduce body fat and inflammation while improving how all the systems in my body operate. 

9. Release ALL judgement (set yourself free from the judgement you place on yourself and let ALL other people be who they are with kindness and compassion).

10.  PLAY...  most of my close relationships are filled with fun and laughter.  
Do you ever notice how happy young children are?  They live in a world where laughter, play and happiness is the goal.   Having fun together with other people is great for the soul.  I play cards with my brother, our wives and others almost every week.  It's just a good way to chat, connect, laugh and be silly together.  

11.  Disconnect from the digital world, your phone and from The News.  These all deliver messages that are too often depressing and negative.  Use the extra time to connect with others and implement some of these new life changing things into your life.