Upper Lonsdale Sales and Listings Data

Live graphs of niche markets within Upper Lonsdale.   Here you will see that there is opportunity for move up buyers right now.  The first graph shows Upper Lonsdale compared to North Vancouver, Central Lonsdale and Lynn Valley average sale prices since 2020 for single family homes.
This graph showcases the same areas and date but for properties priced over $2,5000,000.

This graph show the number of sales in each market for properties over $2,500,000 since 2020.  You can see that Upper Lonsdale has been most active of the other sub areas shared.

Below you can see when the best times to sell were for each market.  When there is a list to sell ratio over 30% that identifies a sellers market.  As you can see, all of North Vancouver detached market is strong and Upper Lonsdale is VERY strong for homes priced over $2,500,000.  In North Vancouver in general, the homes in this price sector are balanced.

The next graph shares four different areas total inventory (Edgemont, Canyon Heights, Edgemont and Pemberton Heights) priced over $2,000,000.

These two graphs identify that Edgemont is active and there is a shrinking supply level and strong demand; there is opportunity in Canyon Heights however, with 29 homes on the market and just 3 sales last month and just one in March.  Supply has increased while demand has not, there is currently nearly 10 months worth of inventory.

I can dig deeper into any specific market to identify opportunities for my Upper Lonsdale people.  Right now, the smart money says, if you are looking to upgrade now would be the time to consider Canyon Heights for value.