Upper Lonsdale Listing Count Climbs

If you have been following my news and blog posts for Upper Lonsdale over the past four months, you will have noted how low the inventory level has been.  In early spring the detached listing count for Upper Lonsdale was hovering in the mid teens.

In June the listing count climbed while sales slowed due to lack of inventory.  By end of June, the listing count rose to 18 listings.  In the first six days of July, there have been 10 new listings entering the market.

The average listing price in Upper Lonsdale is $2,724,314 while the median listing price is $2,498,500.  There are currently six homes under $2m, thirteen homes in the $2m range, and seven homes over $3m.

There were five homes sold in June 2023 with an average sale price of $2,283,200 and a median sale price of $2,355,000.

Year to date, there have been 35 detached homes sold in the Upper Lonsdale Market.