Upper Lonsdale Community and Parks (Video)

Your Upper Lonsdale Real Estate Expert and Community Realtor presents a new video using satellite and google streets views to do a virtual walk through.

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Here is a transcribe for the first 10 minutes:

I am doing a walk throught for upper Lonsdale to give you an introduction to the streets, parks, local business and things like this.  We start with a satellite map and this is the Ship Yards down here in Lower Lonsdale and it go straight up Lonsdale, this is Lonsdale, you get to Upper Lonsdale right here. 
Zoome out and you can see this is the North Shore and North Vancouver, where you can see miles and miles and miles of back country.  I mention that because when you live in an area like that, you are going to see a lot of wild life. It is important to note that  that is a piece of the draw, you have got forest, trees, wild life, amazing views in the area as well.   Let zoom in and you will find a great pub just above the highway.  

One of the key things people like about living in Upper Lonsdale by the way, is its convenience to shopping all around Lonsdale, Delbrook Plaza and there are a lot of different  types of homes too.  

Character and heritage homes, view homes, large and small lots and a diverse collection of homes styles and a great cultural mix with its people too. Now Upper Lonsdale is broken in to six different sub markets.  Lower West –Upper Lonsdale.  

This area is determined by how it is part of the City of North Vancouver and is below 29th Street.  Both East and West, below are considered the City.   Above that is considered the District of North Vancouver.  So here is 29th here, Queens is the busy street here buy 29th is the line that dictates the District.  

What you will notice in this area below is there seems to be a higher density with a lot more 33 foot lots and over here on the west too.   What that means is these homes are going to be a little more affordable than as you go up the hill and the properties are mostly 50 foot lots and larger. So, lots of nice homes in the area.  My first home that I ever lived in Upper Lonsdale was I think, 353 E 26th Street, over here, we were just renting at the time as younger kids.

This area of Upper Lonsdale is called Tempe Heights, and runs up the hill here on E 27th, you can also access off 29th Street.  There are three little crescent style streets (including a great collection of view homes and is considered one of North Vancouvers and Upper Lonsdales more prestigious locations).Then you go just up the hill along Regent, this area is considered border line Upper Lonsdale and goes over the Princess Park.  Here is Princess Park, Carisbrooke Elementary...  great little walking park actually, some tennis courts and this entire area would be considered Princess Park area.
Upper Lonsdale borders are generally considered Regent, yet I still service Princess Park as it is a small area right next to Upper Lonsdale. It is a very popular area and you will notice that there are a lot of parks and trees.  If you don’t like trees, then Upper Lonsdale may not be the place for you (unless you stay below 29th and Queens), there are lots of trees, forest areas, lots of walking paths and slip through parks and walking trails.

Osborne Road is a busier street and another interesting thing about Upper Lonsdale is there are a handful of gorgeous little churches, some Bed and Breakfasts and some Air B and Bs. Another great area is called Marlborough Heights, which is also more crescents and a more prestigious area of Upper Lonsdale, a cool pocket where they have nice view lines and even their own zoning. There is another little pocket over here,  above Queens with schools just off Mahon and one of Kings that is a French Immersion, then further which we can call North West that is just between Lonsdale and Delbrook (streets include West Kings, West St. James, West Windsor).  

Some of these are bigger lots, very quiet, community based, family oriented; some people here are 70 to 90 years old and have been here over 40 years.  Some are second and even third generation families.  If we zoom in there and go below Queens, there is a seniors condo complex, Somerset Green, close to Starbucks (next to a Churchill House for assisted living).   The Starbucks is very popular as its the only one in Upper Lonsdale.  There is a Been Around the World in Delbrook Mall.

You can see on (Western and Chesterfield) there are some smaller lots and higher density, and even some townhouses (on Western) that most people don’t know about. There is a route for a new bike route coming along 25th and they will probably widen it, add a bike lane which will go all the way down to Delbrook to give a safe ride. 

In Upper Lonsdale as well, they have two sites that have been in conversation for redevelopment for years now.  I think at some point they will be go through.  There is a school right here, Larson Elementary,  you will notice as we zoom to the street level, there are some nice newer houses where coach houses have been added.  More in the City than the District and more on corner lots too.  So here is the school, a lot of the kids in this area attend.  Now we run the streets..