Announcing NEW Upper Lonsdale YouTube Channel

Sometimes in life you just stumble across something that makes sense.  Up until now, I have done most of my local marketing on Facebook but noticed that they constantly change their rules and algorithms  making it hard to stay connected in a meaningful way.

Now I have spent over $8,000 on learning marketing on this platform, so I will always be good at it, but realized the other day, accidentally, that YouTube will be my new way to share helpful local information for Upper Lonsdale and North Vancouver.  

I took some training on this a few years back but never really jumped into it and so imagine my surprise when I submitted my new Penthouse listing in East Vancouver and the very next day it showed up on the first page of Google.  That is amazing, because YouTube is a much stickier platform than Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  

But BEFORE I decided to bring this intentionally into my new business model, I needed to test it again and prove it was not a total accident or a one hit wonder.  

So I did and it proved out....  in fact this time, I received two of the top 5 rankings on Google.  

It is a game changer for all my local home sellers.  They now know that their home will be promoted better than ever and in a far superior way than anyone else is doing.  When you are selling your home, it is essential to have mass visibility and to be in front of the most likely buyers for your home.  

Unlike Facebook where you are capturing people that may or may not be in the market, on YouTube (and Google) people are actually searching for specific things or targeting homes that meet certain needs.  This is where showcasing your home this way becomes a huge value.

NOW.... this channel will be for local real estate of course AND it will also be for showcasing local points of interest, parks, schools, businesses, talent, events and market trends.  This is the Upper Lonsdale Community YouTube channel.