Upper Lonsdale (City of North Van): Is This a Sign Of Things To Come?

City North Vancouver Upper Lonsdale rezoning
I was just driving the area as I do every couple of days to keep a close eye on any changes in the community, and I came across a sign that shows a local building applying to rezone 245 West 27th Street.

The property is a 50' wide lot and the rezoning application indicates the new owners are trying to zone the property where they could build two houses each with a secondary suite.  

This is significant and should the City pass this, it will certainly increase the values in the area.  

You can share you comments with the City about the project at www.cnv.org/applications

I just called the City of North Vancouver October 30, 2023 and learned that the applicant first must hold their Development Information Session.  Once that has been done, the City will set up a Public Hearing date which is expected to happen sometime in early 2024.

If you want to be a part of the Development Information Session you can request to be informed on this from the applicant.

Mehrdad Rahbar
Vernacular Studio Inc.