How To Get an EXTRA 7.4% More Money For Your Home.

Upper Lonsdale real estate
Everyone wants full value for their home.  But just as all homes are not the same, not all Realtors are the same either.
If you want the very best, where that includes great service, care, understanding and top price for your home, look no further.

So far, in 2024 there have been five sales and of those sales, my client is the only one that sold over the asking price.  All others sold between $50,000 and $150,000 below their asking price.  Some of the homes actually sold over $300,000 below their starting asking price.

Our efforts on this home came together through a very aggressive marketing strategy and brought in over 130 Buyers and Realtors to view the property in one week.  We received eight offers, and all but one were over the asking price.  

After four hours of discussion and negotiations, we were able to choose from the best offers and ended up taking a subject free offer that ultimately gave my client more than expected in price and perfect terms and flexibility too.