Google, YouTube and Yahoo Love Kevin Lynch For Upper Lonsdale.

*the associated numbers show what position my website or Youtube post or channel is ranked on Google, Youtube and Yahoo.

Organic search terms tell a very strong story online.  With such a high level of search engine dominance for most Upper Lonsdale keywords, it is easy to see the search engines position Kevin Lynch at the very top. 

There is a huge added value for all my home sellers as this brings in many more buyers to my listings.  And more buyers usually means more money for the seller.   This is just one more reason that has helped my sellers get more than 10% above average this year (2024)*.

Feel free to search any of the keywords above on the top three search engines or any others you like.  This is just a quick start to my deep dive and I would love to hear your thoughts on these results or if you find any keywords I missed.