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I love Upper Lonsdale and raised my family here.  It is an amazing area with a huge variety of homes.  The area has just over 2500 homes that range from 100 plus year old character homes and cottages to stunning new homes;  homes with huge lots, some tiny lots and homes and Upper Lonsdale is very well known for the number of homes with outstanding views.  

You can find all the Upper Lonsdale listings and homes for sale below.  If you have any questions about the community, the parks, shopping, local hot spots, things to do, and of course real estate, I am honoured and happy to be of service.

This property was listed and SOLD in two weeks.  The sellers got their full price and everything and more than what they expected.,
It is located at 304 W Queens Road, Upper Lonsdale, North Vancouver

Wonderful renovation project in Upper Lonsdale SOLD fast.  We had eight offers and the sellers got amazing results and are thrilled to moving on to their next home.  Another happy Upper Lonsdale client that I was honoured to help.
268 W. Osborne Road, Upper Lonsdale, North Vancouver

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Starting July 18, 2024, landlords will be required to use the Landlord Use Web Portal to generate Notices to End Tenancy for personal occupancy or caretaker use. Landlords generating notices to end tenancy will be required to include information about the persons moving into the home.  Through this process, landlords are informed of the significant...

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TheLC Awards: The Best of Lonsdale

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Comprehensive Guide to Downsizing from a House to a Condo in North Vancouver

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2. Planning and Preparation
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4. Decluttering and Downsizing
5. Making the Move
6. Adjusting to Condo Living
7. Legal and Administrative Considerations
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1. Introduction

Downsizing from a...

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