February 2021

A Real Estate 'Black Friday' Frenzy

Posted on Feb 25, 2021

Realtor Kevin Lynch on Vancouver real estate

The real estate market has been building momentum over the past eight months and we are currently seeing serious buying panic levels. In February (to date) there have already been over 779 detached homes that have sold over their asking price. The market with the highest percentage of homes selling over the asking prices are New Westminster, 83.3...

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CKNW: Niche Real Estate Markets Seeing Over Night (Almost) Price Explosions

Posted on Feb 17, 2021

If you listened CKNW today, they were sharing how some markets are seeing huge, almost over night price jumps.  They had a handful of callers stating they have seen price jumps over the past seven to fourteen days of over $50,000 for no apparent reason.

It seems that the areas with extremely low supply are the ones generating these crazy price spikes...

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Interview With Mortgage Broker, John Charbonneau

Posted on Feb 15, 2021

John Charbonneau decided to do a short interview about my new book, Selling Secrets You Can't Afford To Miss for his network and I just realized and a little over enthusiastic.  

Good insights but you might also get a little laugh ;-)

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The Market Is On Fire!

Posted on Feb 14, 2021

If you have been involved in the real estate market lately, or even if you are just a casual enthusiast, it's hard to miss how fast homes are selling.  

There is a low level of supply, and demand is higher than ever.  

People are finding a need for more space and we are seeing a strong increase in house purchases. People are upgrading to larger homes, wh...

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New North Vancouver Master Development Launches Spring 2021

Posted on Feb 14, 2021

Register today for advance insights on the project.

Contact Kevin Lynch at (604) 307-9448

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Good Service Should Never Be Over Rated.

Posted on Feb 13, 2021

Over the years I've dealt with all types of people and one thing tends to hold true for most. Great service, care and attention to detail is something that most appreciate at the highest level. 

That's why I make it my mission to go the extra mile for every one of my clients.  

When you bring me into your circle of trust, you can expect the very best I...

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