April 2024

Google, YouTube and Yahoo Love Kevin Lynch For Upper Lonsdale.

Posted on Apr 16, 2024

*the associated numbers show what position my website or Youtube post or channel is ranked on Google, Youtube and Yahoo.

Organic search terms tell a very strong story online.  With such a high level of search engine dominance for most Upper Lonsdale keywords, it is easy to see the search engines position Kevin Lynch at the very top. 

There is a huge ad...

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BC Housing Regulations Moving Forward With DNV and CNV

Posted on Apr 07, 2024

Both our local North Vancouver City and District are now moving forward with the BC Gov Housing Initiative.

Below is the full page with links from DNV:

n November 2023, the provincial government passed legislation intended to increase housing supply and improve affordability...

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Over 66% of Upper Lonsdale Homes Sold March 2024 Had Multiple Offers

Posted on Apr 02, 2024

The Upper Lonsdale market is red hot right now.  Sales have jumped to 9 sales; close to years ten year average of 10.4 sales.  What is most notable is the volume of buyers in the market as indicated by 66% of the sales going into multiple offers.

The spring market is usually the busiest time of year and as long as there is sufficient inventory coming...

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